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Éditeurs canadiens


Ahadada Books

http://www.ahadadabooks.com/ Ahadada Books publishes titles both online and in print. They present broadsides, limited-run chapbooks, and perfect bound books of diverse literary forms.

Anvil Press

http://www.anvilpress.com/ The mandate of Anvil Press is to discover, nurture, and promote new and established Canadian literary talent.

Arsenal Pulp Press

http://www.arsenalpulp.com/ Arsenal Pulp Press is a book publisher in Vancouver, Canada with over 160 titles currently in print, ranging from fiction and poetry to cultural, gender, and multicultural studies to guidebooks and cookbooks.

Benchmark Publishing

http://www.mnsi.net/~benchmrk/index.html Benchmark is a small, independent publishing house, which releases several books of fiction and historical non-fiction each year under its own imprint.

Borealis Press

http://www.borealispress.com/index.htm The press publishes most genres but specializes in Canadian authored or oriented material.

Breakwater Book

http://www.breakwaterbooks.com/ Breakwater Books Ltd. was founded to publish books and materials that preserved the unique culture of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Maritime provinces.

Brick Books

http://www.brickbooks.ca/ The mandate of Brick Books is to foster interesting, ambitious, and compelling work by Canadian poets, both new and established; to create and maintain the exceptional editorial standard for which Brick has gained a national reputation; to produce beautifully designed, attractive books worthy of the excellence of their contents; and to distribute and promote these books and their authors.

Canadian Scholars Press Inc

http://www.ahadadabooks.com/ http://www.cspi.org/
CSPI is dedicated to the principle of publishing print materials for use in a wide variety of disciplines at the post-secondary level.

The Cape Breton Catalogue

http://www.ahadadabooks.com/ http://www.capebretonbooks.com/index_main.jsp Publishes books and videos with a focus on Cape Breton.

Coach House Books

http://www.chbooks.com/ Coach House publishes only Canadian poetry, fiction, artist books and drama and is interested primarily in innovative or experimental writing.

Cormorant Books

http://www.cormorantbooks.com/ Cormorant’s mandate remains a commitment to publish the best new work in the area of literary fiction and creative non-fiction for the adult market.

Creative Book Publishing

http://www.creativebookpublishing.ca/ Creative Book Publishing seeks to advance Newfoundland and Labrador’s publishing sector by producing works of literary and cultural excellence, and by actively promoting its authors and their books in national and international markets.

Cumulus Press

http://www.cumuluspress.com/ A small press with a particular interest in social justice, human rights, and dissenting approaches to capitalist structures.

Cyclops Press

http://www.cyclopspress.com/index1.htm Cyclops press is an independent, artist-run, literary and multimedia arts publisher.

Dundurn Group

http://www.dundurn.com/ Dundurn Press Limited was established to bring Canadian history and biography to a general readership. Politics, history and biography, were part of the original mandate but quickly expanded to include literary and art criticism, and large illustrated art books.

Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

http://www.edgewebsite.com/ Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing specializes in great book-length science fiction and fantasy literature, produced by people who care about books, readers, booksellers and authors.

McClelland and Stewart Ltd.

http://www.mcclelland.com/ Publishes about 100 titles a year featuring established Canadian authors.

McGill-Queen’s University Press

http://www.mqup.mcgill.ca/ MQUP publishes original peer-reviewed, high-quality books in all areas of the social sciences and humanities.

McGraw-Hill Ryerson

http://www.mcgrawhill.ca/ McGraw-Hill Ryerson publishes Canadian educational materials.

NeWest Press

http://www.newestpress.com/ Edmonton based NeWest Press has established itself as one of the country’s most enduring and respected literary presses over the last 35 years. While still a western press, in recent years NeWest has expanded its mandate to publish work from all across Canada. They publish Canadian fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama.

Northwest Passages: Canadian Literature Online

http://www.nwpassages.com/ Northwest Passages is the world’s only bookstore specializing solely in Canadian fiction, poetry, drama, and literary criticism.

Orca Book Publishers

http://www.orcabook.com/ Publishes children’s literature and young adult fiction.

Pemmican Publications Inc

http://www.pemmicanpublications.ca/ Pemmican promotes Métis culture and history through its publications, many of which depict traditional lifestyle, the art of oral storytelling, living in harmony with nature and the environment, and the rich and living heritage of the Métis of the Province of Manitoba.

Penguin Group (Canada)

http://www.penguin.ca/ Publishes a wide range of books dealing with issues of social importance to Canadians.

Purich Publishing

http://www.purichpublishing.com/ Purich Publishing Ltd. is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based publisher specializing in books on Aboriginal, legal, and western Canadian issues.

Saskatchewan Publishers’ Group

http://www.saskpublishers.sk.ca/ The Saskatchewan Publishers’ Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Saskatchewan book publishers and promoting Saskatchewan-published resources.

Sybertooth Inc.

http://www.sybertooth.ca/ Sybertooth Inc. is a small New Brunswick publisher of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s/YA books.

TouchWood Editions

http://www.touchwoodeditions.com/ TouchWood Editions has been publishing books for twenty years, with an emphasis on books of literary merit about Canada’s West - the people, places, landscape, food, art and culture of the region.

Tundra Books

http://www.tundrabooks.com/index.html Tundra is dedicated to publishing children’s books.