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University Research Centres

African Canadian Online

The Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada endeavours to serve as a stimulus to and focal point for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as independent scholars who are pursuing research in African Canadian Studies, at York and elsewhere. The Centre sponsors conferences and other events, and on-going research projects.

Cambridge Canadian Studies Initiative

The Cambridge Canadian Studies Initiative (CCSI) promotes Canada-related research and teaching in Cambridge, and fosters research links between Cambridge and Canadian institutions.

Canadian Poetry - UWO

An online resource which publishes scholarly editions of early Canadian long poems, the work of Confederation poets and critical studies of Canadian poetry.

Canadian Poetry - U of T Library

An online resource which features biographies of Canadian poets as well as links to journals, magazines and presses.

Canadian Writers - Athabasca University

An extensive online resource which profiles both English- and French-Canadian writers.

The Folklore Studies Association of Canada (FSAC)

FSAC is an educational, non-profit association founded for the purpose of increasing education and research in the field of folklore studies in all its aspects.

History of the book in Canada

A project whose objective is to produce a three-volume interdisciplinary history of the book in Canada from the beginnings to 1980. A parallel objective is the development of electronic resources to support work on the print volumes and to create new tools for analysis and comparative research.

Institute of Canadian Studies - University of Ottawa

The Institute of Canadian Studies serves to stimulate and support research relating to Canada through teaching, research and a variety of other interdisciplinary activities. It offers multidisciplinary Canadian Studies undergraduate and graduate academic programs, research projects, seminars, conferences, workshops, and international visitorship opportunities to Canadianists from around the world.

Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies - Universitat Marburg

The Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Marburg reflects a longstanding interest in Canada and Canadian Studies. The activities of the Centre include workshops and symposiums with a Canadian theme.

Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive

The archive comprises extensive collections of Newfoundland and Labrador folksongs and music, folk narratives of many kinds, oral history, folk customs, beliefs and practices, childlore and descriptions of material culture.

Queen’s University Belfast Centre of Canadian Studies

The Centre of Canadian Studies encourages research and teaching about Canada within the university, and aims to bring a greater understanding of Canadian issues and culture to the wider community.

The University of Birmingham Department of American and Canadian Studies

The Department of American and Canadian studies features exchange programs with several Canadian institutions, and often brings Canadian academics and writers to speak in the department.

The University of Edinburgh Centre for Canadian Studies

The Centre focuses on Canadian studies with a broad interdisciplinary approach.

University of Leeds Centre for Canadian Studies

The Centre for Canadian Studies focuses both on Canada’s domestic profile and experience, and also on its involvement and leading-edge engagement, with key international issues, such as the environment, human rights, immigration, minorities, languages and cultures, public health and social welfare.

Zentrum für Canadastudien der Universität Innsbruck

The Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Innsbruck.