The Business of Selling

It's time to buckle down and choose a college, but all you want to do with your life is shop and you can't possibly think of any university program that has a course called 'Shopping 101.' However, that doesn't mean there aren't any related programs. How do you think those beautiful dresses got on the racks? They weren't grown to ripeness on a magical dress tree and picked by fairies. Someone opened a business to make and sell those dresses. If you're interested in the buying end, perhaps you'd also be interested in the selling end, and a degree in business would be right for you.

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Business is a program that is best studied domestically because of differences in economies, currency calculations, and legal policies between the business regulations of one country and another. While there are international business programs, they're not much use to you unless you want to spend your life moving all over the world, connected to home only by the international SIM card in your cell phone. Most people who study business intend to open up their own businesses right here in Canada, so that's where they should stay to study.

Business degrees have many applications out in the real world, and you should have some idea which one would be right for you before you graduate so you can have some idea what courses to take. For instance, if you wanted to sell Oshawa homes for a living, your course load might have a heavy compliment of real estate related courses. Obviously what type of business you become involved with in the future is your own decision, but sometimes it can help to get tips on how to make a decision you'll be comfortable with.

Which school you choose to study business at is another decision you may need help with. In some disciplines, your choice of school doesn't matter as long as you learn the material, especially if you're planning on opening you own business. In other cases the school name is everything. This might be the case if you're applying to work for a firm of commercial real estate lenders because you'll want the title on your degree to impress them. You should thoroughly research all aspects of the schools you're interested in for this reason.

These are just some of the things you'll need to worry about when you're looking to begin a degree study program in business. It may seem like a lot of work to you now, but our series of articles on studying business domestically should help you to make the right decisions for you. If the amount of work you have to do starts catching up with you, just take a moment to reflect and be grateful it's not worse. If you were going to be an electrician, you'd have to memorize all about power distribution blocks on pain of being electrocuted if you screw up. At least in business all you can loose is money.

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