Close To Home

Picking a university to attend is such a big decision that many people find themselves resorting to taking the advice of their parents, guidance counselors, or online life coaches just so they don't have that burden on their shoulders anymore. If you ask your parents, however, their answer will invariably be that they want you to stay close to home and attend a local college or university. Most students balk at the idea, but before you decide against it read this article on the benefits of doing so.


The number one benefit to staying close to home to attend college is the cost. Attending college in another country means your education is no longer subsidized by the government and therefore your tuition is almost twice as expensive. You'll also be saving a lot of money because you won't have to rent a condo to live in while you're away from home, or pay for your own groceries, heat, power, water, cable TV, and internet. This all adds up to less debt for you to pay off when you graduate.

Guaranteed Living Space

One of the biggest hassles of going to college in another city or country is finding living space. Do you want a room in one of those student-run homes in Scarborough, an apartment of your own, or a dorm? Applying for dorm accommodation is probably the easiest thing to do but you end up with strangers sharing your personal space. Apartments offer you more room and privacy but then you have to drum up some roommates you've never met before to keep up with the rent. Staying home means keeping your old room.

Keep Your Friends

Obviously some of your friends will be moving away from their parents' Markham real estate to attend college in another city, but there's nothing you can do about that. There will be plenty of others among your social circle who won't be able to afford to go away or to go to college at all, so by staying home you stay friends.

Familiarity with the City

Half of the fun of venturing to Toronto or Montreal or Cairo to attend university is exploring new cultures and surroundings, but not being familiar with the city can land you in trouble. At least at home you know where to go for a good haircut, the best place to park when you're visiting, and what areas of the city you should avoid if you don't want to get mugged.

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