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If you have pondered taking some courses and enhancing your post secondary education, then you have most likely heard that taking courses from home is a lot cheaper than going to another country to do it. In many cases, this is absolutely true, as apart from other issues tuition alone is usually more expensive for people studying abroad than in their home country. Today, this form of education can be used for people wanting to sell cars to undergrads on the way to producing new energy sources in third world nations.

However, here in Canada we live in a very big country with plenty of options when it comes to post secondary education. That education could cost as much as you could possibly afford; on the other hand, you might be able to attain the same degree or training at half the cost. While there may be some emphasis placed on where you received your post secondary training for some jobs, the reality is that most employers will treat degrees equally, as far as hiring goes. If you're looking at careers like selling real estate, more people will be looking at your resume and references than your formal training.

What this means, for the domestic student, is that the choice of education you make will depend largely on personal issues. There are a multitude of criteria that come into play when making your post secondary choices, and cost is just one of them. You should probably also consider the cost of living when you attend a certain institution, the range of courses available from that institution and how well you will enjoy them, and the impact your education time will have on your ability to live. Age and position in life also factor in when it comes to post secondary education choices for Canadian students. If you're already living in a condo your choices for education on site are greatly increased.

In this section of our site, we will be taking a look at a lot of information about post secondary education from the point of view of the domestic student. This means you can look forward to articles that talk about the culture surrounding different Canadian universities (the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and the University of Toronto are both Canadian institutions, for example, but have very different social make ups) as well as the brass tacks of achieving your education.

We will also have articles that discuss the many alternative forms of education available to those looking for upper level training in Canada these days. A person who has made their own life in Fort MacMurray, for example, may find it just as difficult to attend courses at Laurier College in Quebec City as a student from the Dominican Republic would. However, most Canadian colleges and universities now have programs which make courses and degrees accessible even to those hundreds or thousands of miles away. We will take a look at the issues surrounding long distance learning, both positive and negative and how it differs for those wanting a business degree to start their own company doing business online versus someone wanting to design shoes for stores.

So if you are a Canadian resident looking to advance your upper level education, we hope that you will make this section of our site a regular stop. There is a lot that Canadian universities have to offer our homegrown students of all ages, all of which is beneficial with application in your real life. has many great Canadian business sponsors but we would like to name one right now. Special thanks goes to Do a search for "estate lawyers near me" if you need legal advice..

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