Finding Work

Many college students go through their years of study thinking that as soon as they accept their diploma from the Dean they'll be whisked off by a high powered firm to practice personal injury law (example here) in Canada's largest cities. When the reality of having to search for a job sets in, the sense of dismay can be crushing. If you're in that seemingly bottomless pit of despair or are worried about falling into it, here are some tips for finding a job after graduation.

Consider a Co-Operative Program

This is only really an option for students who are just entering university, but it is well worth mentioning because of the time and effort it can save you in the end. Co-Op programs involve terms of study which alternate with terms of practical job placement. A computer program student might find herself working at software company which may make her a permanent job offer when she graduates if they're pleased with her work during her placement.

Make and Maintain Contacts

For students in social sciences or arts programs, which generally don't have co-op program options, it's especially important to get to know your professors and fellow students and to attend seminars by visiting professionals in your field. The process of networking is used by film industry pros. The theory is that the more people who know what you can do the better, since they can pass along job opportunities that they hear about.

Resumes and Job Boards

When you begin your job search, visit your local job bank. Browse the listings of available jobs and get some help writing professional looking resumes and cover letters. Create an account for yourself on all the major job sites, like Workopolis and Monster, but don't just let it sit while you go off shopping for bedding in stores. Check every posting board daily for new entries and apply for everything you think you can do.

Apply for Internships

If you can't find a job right away, don't give up and take an unskilled job in retail or landscaping. Burlington firms and companies all over the country often have unpaid internship positions available that can offer you a chance to get your foot in the door. Filing and answering phones while working nights isn't a great life, but if they're pleased with you you'll have the inside track on any paying jobs that open up within the company. Some interns even get paid.

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