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CLC Studies Special 10th Anniversary Volume

Ten Canadian Writers in Context

AnthologyMarie Carrière, Curtis Gillespie, Jason Purcell, Lynn Coady, Ying Chen, Michael Crummey, Jennifer Delisle, Kit Dobson, Caterina Edwards, Marina Endicott, Lawrence Hill, Daniel Laforest, Alice Major, Don Perkins, Julie Rodgers, Joseph Pivato, Eden Robinson,Gregory Scofield, Winfried Siemerling, Pamela Sing, Maïté Snauwaert, Kim Thúy and Angela Van Essen.

Ten years, ten authors, ten critics.

The Canadian Literature Centre/Centre de littérature canadienne reaches into its ten-year archive of Brown Bag Lunch readings to sample some of the most diverse and powerful voices in contemporary Canadian literature.

This anthology offers readers samples from some of Canada’s most exciting writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Each selection is introduced by a brief essay, serving as a point of entry into the writer’s work. From the east coast of Newfoundland to Kitamaat territory on British Columbia’s central coast, there is a story for everyone, from everywhere. True to Canada’s multilingual and multicultural heritage, these ten writers come from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, and work in multiple languages, including English, French, and Cree.

Ying Chen | essay by Julie Rodgers
Lynn Coady | essay by Maïté Snauwaert
Michael Crummey | essay by Jennifer Bowering Delisle
Caterina Edwards | essay by Joseph Pivato
Marina Endicott | essay by Daniel Laforest
Lawrence Hill | essay by Winfried Siemerling
Alice Major | essay by Don Perkins
Eden Robinson | essay by Kit Dobson
Gregory Scofield | essay by Angela Van Essen
Kim Thúy | essay by Pamela V. Sing

CLC Studies Volume 3:

Inhabiting Memory: Space, Place, and Time in Canadian Literature / Habiter la mémoire: Espace, lieu et temps dans la literature canadienne

Inhabiting Memory: Space, Place, and Time in Canadian Literature / Habiter la mémoire: Espace, lieu et temps dans la literature canadienne brings together diverse critical approaches to the study of space, place and memory in Canadian literature. This new bilingual collection focuses on authors from across Canada, from Anglo-Canadian and Franco-Canadian literature, and from a diverse historical range from the 19th century to the contemporary period. The articles in the collection use a wide range of theoretical approaches (gender theory, ecocriticism, digital humanities, etc.) and refer to theorists as diverse as Mikhail Bakhtin, Walter Benjamin, Deborah Parsons, Judith Butler, Elizabeth Grosz, Emmanuel Levinas, Maurice Halbwachs, and Theodor Adorno. While the representation of space and memory in literature unifies the collection, the works studied include writers from the 19th century such as Susanna Moodie, Louis-Honoré Fréchette and Honoré Beaugrand, authors from the 20th century, such as Claire Martin and Robert Kroetsch, and others from the contemporary period, such as Rawi Hage, Dionne Brand and Jean Chicoine. The collection also moves across diverse genres: poetry (for example, Meredith Quartermain and Sachiko Murakami); drama (Lorena Gale); and autobiography (Claire Martin, Janice Kulyk Keefer).

Inhabiting CanadaHabiter la mémoire is edited by Maïté Snauwaert (University of Alberta), Daniel Laforest (University of Alberta), and Benjamin Authers (University of Canberra / Australian National University), and includes contributions from Albert Braz, Samantha Cook, Jennifer Delisle, Lise Gaboury-Diallo, Smaro Kamboureli, Janne Korkka, André Lamontagne, Margaret Mackey, Sherry Simon, Pamela Sing, Camille van der Marel, and Erin Wunker.

CLC Studies Volume 2:

Regenerations / Régénérations
Canadian Women’s Writing / Écriture des femmes au Canada

9780888646279amButtressed by a wealth of new, collaborative research methods and technologies, the contributors of this collection examine women’s writing in Canada, past and present, with 11 essays in English and 5 in French. Regenerations was born out of the inaugural conference of the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory held at the Canadian Literature Centre, University of Alberta, and exemplifies the progress of radically interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and publishing efforts surrounding Canadian women’s writing. Researchers and students interested in Canadian literature, Québec literature, women’s writing, literary history, feminist theory, and digital humanities scholarship should definitely acquaint themselves with this work. Contributors: Nicole Brossard, Susan Brown, Marie Carrière, Patricia Demers, Louise Dennys, Cinda Gault, Lucie Hotte, Dean Irvine, Gary Kelly, Shauna Lancit, Mary McDonald-Rissanen, Lindsey McMaster, Mary-Jo Romaniuk, Julie Roy, Susan Rudy, Chantal Savoie, Maïté Snauwaert, Rosemary Sullivan, and Sheena Wilson.

CLC Studies Volume 1:

Transplanter le Canada : Semailles

Les articles de ce volume sont issus du colloque, Transplanter le Canada / Transplanting Canada, tenu les 6 et 7 mars 2009 au Centre de littérature canadienne de l’Université de l’Alberta.
Notice2ISBN: 978-1-55195-257-4
Price: $15.00 CAD

Textes en anglais et français

Dans les textes qui suivent, le traitement des corpus littéraires d’expression anglaise et française est certes varié, comprenant l’écriture amérindienne, haïtienne, franco-canadienne, parmi d’autres. Une gamme de problématiques reliées à la notion de mouvement, voire de transplantation, se manifeste dans les textes qui suivent : la migrance, la perspective transnationale, la bilingualité littéraire, la traduction, la transculture, la réception, etc.

Avec des contributions de : Marie Carrière & Jerry White (sous la direction de), Winfried Siemerling, Michel Nareau, Judith Sinanga, Jade Ferguson, Marie Vautier, Sarah Wylie Krotz, Johanne Melançon, Rubelise De Cunha, Laurent Poliquin, William Anselmi & Sheena Wilson, María S. Cordoba Serrano, Diana Davidson, Eileen Lohka, Leilei Chen, Louise Ladouceur & Sathya Rao, Eric Freeze, Alice Francoeur & Bronwyn Burlington, Owen Percy, Pamela Sing et Estelle Dansereau.
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